Setting a Seller’s Consultation

Now that you have decided to sell your home, the next step is to choose a professional to help you through the process.


Seller’s Consultation

When it is the right time for your to sell your home, we want to be the first people to sit down with you and discuss your options. We want to understand your motives, timelines, and your expectations in order to build a property specific marketing plan.

Some agents and people believe that simply throwing your property on the MLS will sell your home. In some cases that is true but what we have found is our marketing strategies set us apart from the average agent and in 2018 we were able to average a sales price over 1% of list price for our clients.

When you are ready to discuss your home selling needs, your listing options, and how to market your home to sell for top dollar, set up a consultation. We are ready to help you!

Should I Sell Without an Agent?

There is a stigma out there with some people that selling their home will save this money. According to statistics, only 7% of homes sold nationally were sold by the owner without an agent and at 75% of the price to agent-assisted homes (imagine selling at $200,000 while agent-assisted homes sell for $265,000. For more statistics click here.

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Our Advertising

When we list your property we not only utilize Zillow Group® but we use our network of online advertising to showcase your property including List Hub®, TourFactory®, and the MLS. This guarantees that your home will be showcased on all of the top real estate websites nationwide. On top of that, we network with all of our clients in order to broadcast your property to thousands of buyers.

We maximize your exposure to bring as many buyers as possible to our client’s property.

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When a property gets listed, we always put a lockbox on the property to provide access for other agents to view the home at prearranged times that work for you (don’t worry about getting woken up in the middle of the night), saving your lunch breaks and keeping you from driving home throughout the day.

When the lockbox is accessed we are alerted that the property is being opened, who is showing it, and when they leave. Which allows us to follow up and make sure we know who is in your home.

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Attorney-Drafted Forms

One of the biggest benefits to using an agent is our education and understanding of the Idaho attorney-drafted paperwork used when transferring ownership. The ultimate goal of the transaction is to have a qualified, vetted buyer purchase your home. We have seen cases where owners thought they would save money and refuse our help, then days before closing find out that the “buyer” never had the funds.

As your agent, we make sure that your home is purchased and in the event the buyer can’t perform you are protected.