If I have a home, do I need to sell before I buy or buy before I sell?

We leave it up to our clients to decide what is going to be easiest for them. In some cases they are most comfortable selling and then buying with the funds from the sale in their purchase. We also have had great success where they sell and buy at the same time, which is called a simultaneous close.

How do you agent’s get paid?

Agents only get paid once a home is purchased or sold and title exchanges hands. We don’t get paid for the time drafting paperwork, negotiating, or opening up properties unless we get through a successful closing.

When can I start moving in to my new home?

Legally and technically, the home is not yours until the title company informs all parties that the transaction has recorded and funded. The transfer of the title of the property needs to be logged and the money (whether cash wire or mortgage financing) must exchange hands.

How long does a typical transaction take?

Once an offer is accepted, the real work begins. As your agent, we orchestrate paperwork, schedule inspections, negotiate repairs, coordinate with the lender, and communicate with the title company, just to name a couple items. After an offer is accepted, it usually takes 30-45 days to close, depending on repairs, inspections, and lender documents.