Moving to Idaho

Relocating to Idaho

Whether you are moving to Idaho from out of state, moving to Boise from a North Idaho home, or considering moving to the Treasure Valley from another country, there are many things that you should know and beware of before you load up the moving truck. As a team, the Good News Realty Group has had the pleasure of helping a number of families move out of California, Washington, Oregon, and a number of other North American states, especially as Boise continues to be the fastest growing city in the United States. We wanted to put together a brief, easy-to-read page that covers things to consider before you move, tips to finding a home in another state, and strategies we use as Idaho REALTOR®s to help make the transition easy for our clients.

What do I need to consider before I move?

For some people that are relocating, their choice is determined by a job, where existing family lives, where they can afford, or what area promotes the lifestyle they want to live. This isn’t always the case though and sometimes relocation is spurred by articles like this from top 100 best places to live, WalletHub’s best capitals to live in, or Forbe’s declaring Boise the second best place to raise a family. The bottom line is, people are moving to Idaho from all over and before you make the trek, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Should I rent or buy when I move?

Like most places, there are plenty of rentals in Boise and homes for sale in Boise but not everyone is hoping for the same outcome when they move. We work with plenty of Idaho property managers and sometimes we are able to orchestrate the situation so that the newly relocated persons are able to move directly into a rental. If you are considering finding a rental in the Boise area, contact us and we can at least point you in the right direction. Our Good News Realty Group team is happy to help you find a rental if that is what you are comfortable living in after you move.

We can also put together what is called a simultaneous close, when a property is sold in another area at the same time a home is purchased. Before you go this route, do you have an agent working for you and helping you sell your home? When it comes to a simultaneous close, both agents (buying and listing) need to be in constant communication to make sure that both properties close at the same time. It takes great skill and care to handle a situation with so many moving parts. ONLY TRUST A REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL! If you don’t have one yet, any of the agents on the Good News Group would love to be yours or refer you to one of our many national referral partners.

Maybe you are moving to the Boise area and just looking to buy a house? We can help with that too! We have a unique four-pillar approach to simplify the home-buying process; that’s a topic for another time though.

What areas around Boise might work for my lifestyle?

The Treasure Valley has something for everyone and as cheesy as that sounds, we are serious! Do you enjoy mountain biking, snow boarding, or sleeping beneath the stars in a tent?? CHECK What if you like wine tasting, brewery tours, or a downtown scene that constantly has events?? CHECK Do you want to watch sports without having to pull money out of your retirement, spend a day splashing around at a water park, or feel the motor of race cars shake the bleachers?? CHECK Maybe you like the serenity of an art museum, enjoy being involved in community charity events, or like to wind down in the evening with a stroll down the peaceful green belt?? CHECK

The bottom line is, there is something for everyone in the Boise area. Hence, the reason Idaho has been estimated to grow and GROW and GROW according to the Idaho Statesman. With all of this growth, Boise’s surrounding areas are starting to see the effects of the population growth. Kuna, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, and Emmett are now seeing growth as well, just at a smaller rate. To try and make relocating a little easier, we have included our relocation guide to give you a brief insight into the areas.

You might be saying, “well that’s great and I can find all sorts of videos about the area, but is there a way to get a personal tour of the area??” Oh man, are we glad you asked!

If you are able to reach out ahead of time and request a tour of the area our team would happily navigate you through the surrounding areas pointing out delicious food businesses, subdivisions and construction sights, as well as projected infrastructure improvements. Spending that little chunk of time with us will give you an idea of which specific area provides the lifestyle you want to live. Plus, we are entertaining and its almost a guarantee we make you laugh at least once. Not only do we specialize in real estate, but the Good News Group also takes great care in keeping you from being bored.

Tips to finding a home in another state

As soon as you type “home” in Google®, Bing®, or your preferred search engine of choice, all of the vultures come out! If you were unaware of the fact that each website you click on is eagerly waiting to sell your information to the highest bidder, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but real estate websites are the worst. Cough* Cough* Zillow® Cough* For all of you that want to browse in peace without a REALTOR® feeding frenzy, there is hope for you!

How do I find a real estate agent in Idaho

Did you know that most of the “premier agents”, endorsed agents, and “top agents” make it to the almighty top by one common trait, CASH. If one of those other agents would like to purchase leads, there are hundreds of corporations and businesses that are happy to accept your payment and start sending you information from the poor, unsuspecting home-browsers. Don’t believe me? Open up your web browser, type in “homes for sale in Idaho”, click on 5 homes and leave the window open for ten minutes. You will get many message prompts asking you, “are you browsing or looking to buy?”, “do you have a home you want to see?”, and “would you like to talk to an agent?” Now you don’t need to even answer any of those questions and shortly after you will get a phone call from a number you have never seen before. BOOM! Now that agent has the opportunity to earn your business and all it took was a little bit of money.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of agents that use this as their lead source and it works for them. I don’t say this as a way to detract from their amazing accomplishments! The absolute hardest part of our job as real estate agents finding our next client. If you are a browser, looking to search without getting eaten alive by starving real estate agents in Boise, this is for you!

So you are telling me that I can’t necessarily type “Real estate agent in Idaho” into Google® and expect to find a trustworthy, dedicated professional? No, I am not saying that at all. What I am saying is that you the very best way to a REALTOR® that you will know, like, and trust is to ask someone that you know, like, and trust. If they don’t remember or had a bad experience, ask someone else! Nearly 20,000 homes were sold in Idaho in 2018, you probably know at least a dozen people that bought or sold a home recently.

Are you moving to the area and know nobody there? I would highly recommend searching by reviews! In this business, reviews are some of the most powerful tools for our clients. If you haven’t written one for your real estate agent, do them a favor for all the hard work they may or may not have done for you and go write a review. The hard part about reviews is that every different real estate website has their own review service, so an agents reviews on Trulia® won’t show up on Google and reviews on Zillow® won’t show up on their website.


Interview agents! Most people forget that when they sign paperwork, they are locked into a contract that most people never get out of!! According to the NAR website, 74% of people would recommend their agent but less than half of that ever use the same agent again. You are about to embark on one of the largest transactions of your life and you are going to let a first impression determine a 30 year mortgage??


Call a number of agents, leave a message, and then see how long it takes for them to respond as well as how they respond! See if they have a website, stalk them on Google®, LinkdIn®, and Zillow®. See if you could find past homes they may have listed and see what their marketing strategies look like, did they list the home high and reduce the price constantly, and do they use professional photography?I can not stress how important using a professional photographer for pictures, especially with most searching starting online.

It amazes me that people will walk into stores to find a product that they like, then pull up reviews on Amazon® or check the prices and make sure they will save cents by going through a different retailer but nobody ever researches a REALTOR® to assist them in spending hundreds of thousands…

What is the average home price in Idaho?

To be fair, that question is loaded because the average home price within a city varies. The average home price of a two bedroom home is not going to be the same price of a single bedroom home on fifteen acres.

Well fine then, I can’t browse but you can’t tell me the value of homes that I would live in?!?

You can browse and there are many many many different outlets that have reliable data on them to assist you while you browse. Just be aware that you will be contacted by any of the websites you go on. So when someone calls you and you answer make sure you let them know, “Oh, I have heard about you!” More than likely, they will be confused and there is a slight chance they will be so confused that they hang up….Maybe. If needed, you can always tell the agent that you are working with the Good News Realty Group…just saying!

In all seriousness, the big Zillow® monster is a good resource for browsing and seeing the different luxury homes in Idaho, manufactured homes, and bare land for sale. If you would like to do most of your browsing from a phone or tablet the Boise Regional Realtors have provided an app that lets you browse with information that is directly linked to our real estate database called HomeSnap and is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. There are of course, thousands of other sites and apps but those are both of the ones that we use and recommend.

Tips for making relocation easier

With all of the people relocating to Idaho, we have been fortunate to put together a couple tips and tricks to make that process easier when the time comes. We hope that the tips below can at least create some new insight into items you may have never thought of. If you think of additional tips, please feel free to comment and let others benefit from your knowledge.

Reach out early

If you are potentially, hypothetically, possibly thinking about relocating, there is never a “too early.” Once you have decided that it might happen, that is the best time to start interviewing agents, browsing areas, and seeing what Idaho has to offer. If you are going to visit the area at any time, seeing things in person will provide a much better experience overall, especially if you are able to sit down with real estate agents and interview them. Our team is happy to meet with you, provide a tour of the Boise area, as well as be your team of Idaho REALTOR®s. We can’t speak for the other agents in Idaho though.

Pack by room

When you decide to make the leap, you should pack by room if possible. I have even heard of people creating Excel® sheets but that seems like A LOT of prepared planning. If that is the level of organization you may need, that is a good place to start, you can go highlighter-crazy, paste sticky notes all over the boxes, or use as many Sharpie®’s as you need. When you get to the kitchen, use your pots as capsules for all of your spatulas, spoons, and miscellaneous kitchen utensils.

Donate, donate, donate

As you begin packing, you will realize just how much stuff you have. The very best thing you can do, especially to save headaches when you unpack, is to get rid of the stuff that you don’t need. Seriously! If you are going through your closet and you come across a pair of flared, sequence-covered, Hammerpants; why would you decide that you should keep lugging them around, in case the style comes back around?!? Give them away. If you need some encouragement check out Tidying up Marie Kondo, where she helps people realize how much JUNK they are holding on to. There are hundreds of thrift stores eagerly waiting for your tax-deductible donations, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??


The idea of moving is extremely stressful, especially if you are moving to a place you are not familiar with. Between facilitating a truck, the logistics of any travel time or expenses, making sure all of your travel buddies are nurtured, rested, and fed is an adventure in itself! That’s not even half of the decisions and planning that you get to deal with. In the midst of all the craziness, people forget that they are about to start a new adventure! You and anyone else moving with you are about to have a brand new experience and if you stress so much that you aren’t mentally/emotionally present for the journey, YOU ARE FAILING! Every landmark that you drive by at 15 miles over the speed limit is a missed opportunity for a photo. Each rest stop you convince yourself you don’t need because you can hold it another 30 minutes is forfeiting the chance to stretch your legs, let the pets out, or give any little ones something to look at besides the sage brush you have been staring at for hours!

If you are using PTO, vacation days, or sick days to make the move, why would you spend those days stressed out of your mind? Don’t do that to yourself! If you are unable to enjoy the move, how is anyone else going to be able to?!

Take the time to enjoy the move! Whether it is 50 miles or 1,200 miles, it is a new experience. Would you rather remember the fact that you almost fell asleep at the wheel and almost hit a deer because you forced yourself to drive for 10 hours straight or would you like to remember the time you stopped for fifteen minutes to get a picture at the roaring 620 foot waterfall and picnic as Multnomah Falls cascades in the background?? Just because the idea of relocating to Idaho stresses you out doesn’t mean that anyone else with you also needs to be anxiously awaiting their new home.

Relocating to Idaho

In conclusion, we hope that this blog was able to provide you with some value in one way or another. Idaho is growing and we continue to see more and more people searching for real estate in Boise, Idaho. We would love to do anything within our power to make the relocation process as stress-free as possible. If you would like to tour the Boise area with a personalized tour about all the benefits and possibilities that the Treasure Valley has to offer, we would love to a resource for you. We take pride in educating our clients and are so grateful for all of the relationships we have built with those relocating to Idaho. If you have any further questions, want to know more, or just found this blog to be helpful in any way, please comment below.

Thank you for reading and we would love to make the Good News Realty Group your go-to real estate team.